Reasons Why Men Lie About Being Married

January 21, 2013 9 Comments

It can be hard to trust men if you've been dating, only to find out that the man you've been with for so long has been cheating on you all along.

No doubt, women in this situation will be feeling upset, and wondering what they did wrong, as well as feeling stupid for not seeing the truth sooner.

But the truth is, if a man wants to lie about his relationship status, he will, and there are really very few things you can do to make him tell you the truth if he doesn't want to. But if you've been in a relationship with a married man, you are probably asking yourself why men lie about being married.

There are many different possible reasons, and here are a few of them.

His Marriage May Be Failing

If he's in a marriage, and facing divorce, or feels that the passion has gone out of their lives, he may seek the attention of another woman. Sometimes, he may tell you that he is married, but going through the divorce process already. Other times, you may not even know that there is another woman in his life already.

If his marriage is failing, he probably is seeking attention and love from other women to show that he is still worth something, and still lovable.

Divorce May Be Against His Beliefs

For most men, marriage is about love and passion. Once the passion dies out, many men will seek divorce- but for some men, divorce goes completely against their personal beliefs, and they may choose to stay with their wife anyway.

However, many of these men still feel it is okay to cheat on their wives and seek another woman to keep them company. Why isn't this against their beliefs if divorce isn't? This answer is hard to find, but many times, personal need will win over morals.

Men Want and Need Personal Attention

When it comes to men, they have far more insecurities than many would expect. They need attention, care, and love in order to keep their self confidence at a healthy level. If a husband isn't receiving this loving attention from their wives, they will often seek to find it with other women. No worry, you can give him everything whatever he expect from you. While browsing I got few good ideas and you can read them here. Few good ideas are there and hopefully you will find it valuable (like me).

And men will not want to be rejected by saying that they are married, so they will choose to keep this a secret from any women that they are with.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, you should talk to your man about it. Ask him to be honest with you, because honesty is the best policy, and trust is key to any relationship. You shouldn't be worrying about it.

And if you're a married woman, worrying about whether or not your husband is cheating on you with other women, you are probably stressing yourself out.

But there are lot of free relationship advice out there that will show you how to make him addicted to you. You will never have to worry about him cheating on you again, because he will be completely happy and satisfied with you.


How To Make Your Relationship Work Out


Do you want a happy life? Couples always try their best to make their relationship work out. They are aware that this kind of relationship should be forever that a person they're marrying will be their companions till their dying days. So how can we make the relationship work?

There are a lot of people who get married right after a whirl wind romance. But after sometimes, realities set in and the real color of the person is now revealed. Conflicts will now start and pride would make the situation worst. There would be no more mutual respect which is very important in every relationship.

You can make a relationship better by using common sense and initiative. It is a reality that relationship is the most important and yet the weakest relationship because it involves two persons who has their own individualities. Harmony in everything is very important to keep a relationship. Their minds should be one and they should complement each other.

How would you assess your relationship? Do you completely understand your partner? If your answer is a sounding "Yes" then there's a big chance that you can keep your relationship forever.

If your relationship is falling apart it is important to use your common sense. As mentioned earlier, happy relationship is comparable to a bridge that is made of quality materials. Those materials can be equated to trust, confidence and understanding. A person who possesses all these qualities can maintain a healthy relationship.

Are you still looking for methods and strategies that can save your relationship? How to save relationship from breakup if your partner is no longer happy to live with you? check out these advice on how to get your ex boyfriend back to make him to love you forever.

In this situation patience and humility play a vital role. They can help you avoid jumping into decisions that would bring more harm rather than solution to your problem. Always use common sense and refrain from saying anything that will make the situation worst. As a saying goes, “Less talk, less mistakes.”

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